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 Aaxel's Wanted list

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PostSubject: Aaxel's Wanted list   Tue May 11, 2010 11:32 pm

Currently collecting the FF3 deck and this is all i need EXCEPT SE/EC


LVL 1 Darkface, Pygman

LVL 2 Croccota, Giant Toad, Lemwraith, Magician, Pharoah, Unne

LVL 3 Gold warrior, Needler, Neegle

LVL 4 Dorga, Dosmea, Peryton

LVL 5 Bone Dragon, FF3 Cyclops, Planktae

LVL 6 Bluk, Flame Devil, Jormugden, Platinal

LVL 8 A Black Mage, A Knight, A Monk, L Thief, R Ranger, R Red mage

LVL 9 A Dragoon, I Dark Kight, L Devout, L Evoker, L Geomancer, R Bard

LVL 10 A Summoner, Cloud of Darkness, Ingus, L Ninja, Princess Sara, Refia, Xande
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Aaxel's Wanted list
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