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 Shoe List + Download

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PostSubject: Shoe List + Download   Sun May 23, 2010 2:41 am

Greetings everyone. How is it going? Hope fine.

All Cards I am looking for is in this list :

/me is looking for | Level 9s: Aeon Bahamut, Adramelk, Aeon Anima, Blade, Dark Armed Dragon, Dark Magician Girl, I Dark Knight, Inu Yasha, Summoned Skull, Grahf, Zera The Mant, Dominic Santiago, Eden, Edge the Beast, Holy Dragon, Koromaru, Queklain, Seed, Luigi, Kingdra, Umbreon. PM Me if you have one of those, Paying well!!

/me is looking for | Level 10s: Bishop Luc, Delita Hyral King Of Ivalice, Aigis, Kratos, Ares the God of War, Ashe, Backslider Chris, Batman, Beast, Black Meteor Dragon, Blue Eyes White Dragon, Chii, Cloud of Darkness, Cloud of Darkness, EH Plasma Vice, Frightening Yuber, IronMan, Kunoichi Kasumi, Perfectly Great Moth, Ryu, Sinner Chrono, Kel-Thuzad, Knuckles, Articuno, Craime Bloodhoof, Montblanc, Reiji. PM me if you have one of those, Paying well!!

/me is looking for | Special Cards: AC Kadaj, Algalon The Observer, Alpha-152, Anti Form, Atomsplitter, Balamb Garden, Bikini Kasumi, Blitzball Staduim, Dark Opera, Divine Dragon, General Greil, Griever, Halloween Sora, Nero, Omega Weapon, Onion Knight, Platina, Slifer the Sky Dragon, Summer Cloud, Summer Pikachu, Summer Tidus, True Earth Rune, True Fire Rune, True Water Rune, True Wind Rune, Ultimacia, Christmas Vivi, Reika, Volar Form, Master Form, Wisdom Form, Final Form. PM Me if you have one of those, Paying well.

/me is buying All tokens, Any A9 Card Level 10 or 9, Buying all A933 or A944 or A955 cards, Paying well!!

For those lazy boys Here is the download: NOTE: You need an Excel Program.

mediafire.com ?uqqthj2mmm2

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Shoe List + Download
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